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Nursing Process IV (NUR 411) Answer KEY-HIV-AIDS- Unfolding Reasoning

John Marsh
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Borough of Manhattan Community College

Nursing Process IV: Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR 411)

Answer KEY-HIV-AIDS- Unfolding Reasoning

History of Present Problem:
Michelle Johnson is a 36-year-old African American female with no prior medical history who presents to the emergency
department complaining of extreme fatigue for the past several months and experiencing occasional night sweats. During
the past week, she has developed a sore throat, dry, nonproductive cough, fever at night with increasing shortness of
breath. Michelle embarrassingly admits that she has had a vaginal yeast infection that she has tried to treat with over the
counter medications with no success. Michelle states to the triage nurse, “I came in today because I am worried
something is wrong with me, I hope it’s nothing serious!”
Personal/Social History:
Michelle has been divorced for five years and has two daughters (ages 14 and 16) who works full time as a legal
secretary. She has recently been working longer hours, skipping meals, and stressed over the possibility of not being able
to provide for her two daughters. She has been involved in only one relationship since her divorce. She is engaged to
Ken, who has hemophilia and plan to get married next year.
What data from the histories are RELEVANT and must be interpreted as clinically significant by the nurse?



Nursing Process IV (NUR 411) Answer KEY-HIV-AIDS- Unfolding Reasoning

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