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Grand Canyon University - MAT274 - benchmark part3

Sandra Watson
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Grand Canyon University – MAT274 – benchmark part3

1. As we have seen in class, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals are the most common inferential tools used in statistics. Imagine that you have been tasked with designing an experiment to determine reliably if a patient should be diagnosed with diabetes based on their blood test results. Create a short outline of your experiment, including all the following:

a. A detailed discussion of your experimental design. Detailed experimental design should include the type of experiment, how you chose your sample
size, what data is being collected, and how you would collect that data.

b. How is randomization used in your sampling or assignment strategy? Remember to discuss how you would randomize for sampling and assignment, what type of randomization are you using?

c. The type of inferential test utilized in your experiment. Include type of test used, number of tails, and a justification for this choice.

d. A formal statement of the null and alternative hypothesis for your test. Make sure to include correct statistical notation for the formal null and alternative, do not just state this in words.

e. A confidence interval for estimating the parameter in your test. State and discuss your chosen confidence level, why this is appropriate, and interpret the lower and upper limits.

f. An interpretation of your p-value and confidence interval, including what they mean in the context of your experimental design. Answer each part
below. State your significance level, interpret your p-value, and make a decision on the null.

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