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Learn more about the ramifications of the Red Flags Rule

John Marsh
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To learn more about the ramifications of the Red Flags Rule, you will create a recommendation for an identity theft prevention program for 123 Bank. The program must detect, prevent, and mitigate identify theft in covered accounts, and must include both new and existing accounts. 123 is a banking institution in a small town. It has two branch offices in neighboring towns. The plan should also take into account the size of company.


Identify the warning signs that indicate accounts may have been compromised.

Discuss which warning signs or red flags are of greater importance to 123’s given their size and location. Provide rationale behind your ranking.

For each risk area identified, provide a proposal for how the risk can be mitigated.

Draft a brief summary of your findings.


Assignment 2

Examine and summarize your community, state or country’s rules for search and seizure of criminal evidence. What concerns to you have after reading them?

After answering the questions, save the file with LastnameFirstname_Assignment2 (eg., JohnSmith_Assignment2) and submit it right back here under Assignment 2 for grading.

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