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Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3322 ) Jocelyn Rowley

Sandra Watson
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University of Houston-Downtown

Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3322 )

The Case of Jocelyn Rowley
AXIS I: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Rape Trauma.
AXIS II: Occasionally pressured into having sex in high school (victim of sexual assault).
AXIS IV: Problems with interpersonal relationships, educational problem, trouble functioning
academically, have frequent nightmares, lack of social relationships, loss interest in sexual
activities and loss control of feelings.
AXIS V: GAF = 50.
When Jocelyn was in high school, she was considered as a victim of sexual assault. The rape and
the fear surrounding it were clearly responsible for provoking the symptoms that Jocelyn
experienced. As Jocelyn began to address her anxiety symptoms, additional problems were
caused by other people’s reactions to the account of her rape. These difficulties kept the focus of
treatment away from her primary anxiety symptoms. Recently, her grades had fallen very fast
and she was having trouble studying. She engaged in academic difficulties and problems with
her boyfriend. Moreover, she also had frequent nightmares and sleeping difficulties. Although
she was afraid of being alone, she had no interest in her current friends or boyfriend. Sometimes,
she was overcome by vivid images of violent events in which she was the victim of a mugging or
an assault.



 Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3322 ) Jocelyn Rowley

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