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ACC 823 (Accounting Seminar) Guidelines On How To Write Conceptual Paper In Accounting Research

Sandra Watson
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University of Benin

ACC 823 (Accounting Seminar)

Scientific research is often divided into two classes: conceptual research and
empirical research. The aim of this write up is to provide useful guidelines for our
Post-graduate students in Accounting on how to write conceptual paper for their
seminar presentation. The need for this piece is borne of the fact that many
students often force the format of an empirical research paper on a conceptual
research paper. We do hope that after going through these guidelines this problem
will be a thing of the past.
Conceptual Research Paper: Pen and Paper
Writing a conceptual research paper is about writing an academic essay. An
academic essay is a piece of writing that methodically analyses and evaluates a
topic or issue. Fundamentally, an academic essay is designed to get your
academic opinion on a particular matter. Academic writing is not about reporting
the facts and forgetting about opinion altogether. Academic opinion is different
from a personal opinion. Academic opinion is determined by conducting research,
examining evidence, even-handedly considering issues and is characterized by
objectivity being guided by logic and rational thinking. It is defendable as you can
defend or support an academic argument by citing credible evidence and laying out
a reasoned argument. Writing a conceptual research paper or essay is not about
simply surveying and re-telling existing ideas. Instead, a good academic essay
takes into account various opinions and points of view and puts forward an
argument that reflects the writer’s informed opinion. Before you begin planning
any essay, then, it is crucial to have a clear idea of what you think about your topic;
you need to have a position, argument, or clear stance on a topic, which you
defend with evidence and argument. This is what is called your thesis statement
(http:// learnonline.canberra.edu.au/mod/book/view.php)



ACC 823 (Accounting Seminar) Guidelines On How To Write Conceptual Paper In Accounting Research

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