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Accelerated BSN Students (NURS 360 ) Process Recording

John Marsh
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Process Recording Assignment

  • California State University San Marcos

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing for Accelerated BSN Students (NURS 360 )

NURSING 261/361
Student Name: Date: 10/5/19
Patient Initials: GS Patient Diagnosis: Depression, Bipolar disorder 1 Patient Age: 33
1. Describe where and when this interaction took place:
The interaction took place in the community room around 8am. She sat down across from another patient I was currently speaking to
and started talking to us.
2. Discuss any pertinent events that occurred on the unit or with this patient immediately prior to the interaction.
The patient I had been talking to was discussing why she was depressed and GS sat down and started encouraging her to be happy.
3. Discuss your purpose for having this interaction. What were you hoping to achieve?
I was hoping to establish report and trust with GS.
4. Describe your feelings at the initiation of the interaction
I was excited that she sat down because she had a lot of energy and the patient I was talking to was very sad. GS was enthusiastic and
brought a positive energy to the table.



Accelerated BSN Students (NURS 360 ) Process Recording

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