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Accelerated BSN Students (NURS 360 ) Psych 1

John Marsh
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California State University San Marcos

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing for Accelerated BSN Students (NURS 360 )

Nursing care plan psych 1

CSUSM School of Nursing
Graded Nursing Care Plan – N261/ N361
Student name: Patient initials: DS Date: 10/7/19
Relevant Patient Data: (5 pts.)
(Include issues of family system, sociocultural factors, environmental factors development state, patterns of living, healthcare systems factors)
Age range: 80
Gender: F
Primary Language: English
Family system: no kids, no husband, 1 sister
Religion: not obtained
Sociocultural factors:
Education and Occupation: some college, occupation unknown
Social support: has friends who live near her
Use of cultural remedies or practices for his or her condition: Not obtained
Environmental factors: lives alone with one dog named Sweetheart
Developmental stage (Erickson): integrity vs despair: does not yet accept or remember that her parents are deceased, is
able to reflect positively on her life
Patterns of living: is able to engage in self-care activities, able to bathe, able to dress and look presentable
Healthcare systems factors: not obtained
Available resources: not obtained
History Presenting Symptoms/Problem (include health state factors here) (3 pts)
Date of Admission: Pt states “4 days ago”
Presenting Problem for current admission: Dementia, psychosis
Subjective data: repeats information, changes information
Objective data: not obtained
Past Psychiatric History: not obtained
Relevant Family History: not obtained
Relevant Childhood History: not obtained
History or Current Substance Abuse and type (Alcohol and types of drugs): not obtained
Legal Status: not obtained



Accelerated BSN Students (NURS 360 ) Psych 1

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