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Accountancy (BSA) Test Bank For Essentials Of Business Analytics 3rd Edition

John Marsh
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Baliuag University

Accountancy (BSA)

a light bulb manufacturer uses descriptive analytics

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1. The decisions concerning an organization’s goals and future plans are called

2. Tactical decisions are concerned with

3. Picks and Axes Inc. is an Internet-based retail seller of hiking boots and mountaineering gear. The company decides to
open retail stores across the major areas of the city to help complement its Internet-based strategy. This activity would be
categorized as a(n)

4. __________ is the most critical step of the decision-making process.

5. Which of the following is not an approach to making decisions?

6. Data-driven decision making tends to decrease a firm’s

7. Data dashboards are a type of _________ analytics.

8. The extraction of information on the number of shipments, how much was included in each shipment, the date each
shipment was sent, and so on from the manufacturing plant’s database exemplifies

9. Corporate-level managers use ______ to summarize sales by region, current inventory levels, and other company-wide
metrics all in a single screen.

10. A forecast that helps direct police officers to areas where crimes are likely to occur based on past data is an example of



Accountancy (BSA) Test Bank For Essentials Of Business Analytics 3rd Edition

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