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NRSG258 Exam Revision Lecture Notes 1-10 Acute Care Nursing

John Marsh
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NRSG 258 Exam Revision

Consent: (4 elements)
 Voluntary
 Specific to the procedure
 Informed in a language the patient can understand
 Legal capacity/competent – mental health, dementia etc.
Threshold for capacity:
 Involves being able to meet the requirements e.g. age to provide consent
Voluntary and informed consent can be affected by:
 Language barrier
 Dementia
 Pain
 Analgesia
 Depression
Power of attorney (POA):
-Someone to look after your matters while you are away
-Person chosen must be over age of 18 and have full capacity
 General POA: you appoint someone to manage financial affaires, ceases
immediately if you become unconscious
 Enduring POA: you appoint someone to manager financial affairs if you lose
 Enduring medical POA: someone you appoint to make medical decisions
when you lose capacity. This can be revoked at any time as long as you have
mental capacity
Advanced care directive:
 Document made by person of sound mind of their wishes to receive if they no
longer have capacity
 Takes place of person’s verbal consent
 Cannot be overruled by staff or family
The Coroner:
 Person who is appointed to investigate death (does not do autopsy)
 Death from a minor procedure
 Death is unexpected
 Cause of death is unknown
 People who don’t have a name
 Someone that escaped from a mental facility and died
 Negligence




NRSG258 Exam Revision Lecture Notes 1-10 Acute Care Nursing

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