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Adult Health (NCS2101) WEEK 1 Nursing Process And Abbreviations

John Marsh
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WEEK 1 Nursing process and abbreviations

Edith Cowan University

Adult Health (NCS2101)

WEEK 1 Nursing process and abbreviations
Objectives of this module
(students should be able to answer/ do these things):
1. Identify what the Nursing Process is
2. Identify the individual steps and their components that are involved in the nursing
3. Utilise evidence-based practice to identify and problem solve the needs of patients
4. Develop an appropriate response to the acute nursing needs of clients
5. Discuss common abbreviations used in nursing
Further general questions
(students can add to these for their own revision):
1. What is the nursing process (meaning of)?
Framework used for nursing care plan/ pathways for individual patient, A systematic way
to problem solving. ADPIE is the mnemonic. The framework requires critical thinking and
is sequence of steps for sorting out what to do.
2. What is involved in each of the steps of the nursing process?
 Collect subjective and objective information about the patient
 Collect and document all of the data that you will need to: Predict, detect, prevent
and manage actual and potential health problems
 Promote optimal health, independence and wellbeing
 Clarify expected outcomes
Subjective Data
 subjectively perceived by the person/ patient
 may be confirmed by objective data findings
 SAMPLE (mnemonic) – Symptoms – Allergies – Medications – Past medical,
surgical, family history – Last meal – Events leading up to presentation
Objective data
 objectively perceived by the person assessing
 Observations
– patient as a whole
– signs/ manifestations
– body systems assessment (includes vital signs)
– functional health patterns/ ADLs (Maintaining a safe environment,
Communicating, Breathing, Eating and drinking, Eliminating, Personal cleansing
and dressing, Controlling body temperature, Mobilising Working and playing,
Expressing sexuality, Sleeping, & Dying)
– Patho logy results (Histo logy , Cyto logy , Biochemistry, Genetics,
Haemato logy , Immuno logy & Microbio logy )



Adult Health (NCS2101) WEEK 1 Nursing Process And Abbreviations

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