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Advanced Concepts (NUR 4110 ) Final chapter-15- Winter 2020

John Marsh
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Nova Southeastern University

Advanced Concepts of Adult Nursing II (NUR 4110 )

Final chapter-15- Winter 2020, questions and answers

Medsurge 2 Exam 3
Assessment of Musculoskeletal Function Ch. 40
1. A nurse is conducting an assessment on a client who comes to the clinic reporting
pain and swelling in the right knee. In beginning the assessment of the client’s
complaint, the nurse should first
– Compare the right knee to the left knee
2. The nurse is conducting a musculoskeletal assessment on a client who complains
of muscle weakness with cramping. Which of these laboratory values supports
this finding?
– Potassium level of 3.0 mEq/L
3. A nurse is assisting with an arthrocentesis. The nurse determines that the fluid
withdrawn from the joint is normal because it is
– Straw colored
4. A client has a bone scan performed. The nurse would evaluate that the client
understands the follow-up care if the client states that they should
– Drink plenty of water for 1 to 2 days following the procedure
5. Client is admitted with neuro problem indicated to the nurse that an MRI may be
performed. The nurse interprets that the client may be ineligible for this procedure
based on his history of
– An internal demand pacemaker
6. The male client diagnosed with a brain tumor is scheduled for a magnetic
resonance MRI in the morning. The client tells the nurse that he is scared. Which
response by the nurse indicates an appropriate therapeutic response?
– “You’re scared. Tell me about what is scaring you.”
7. The client admitted with a neurological problem indicates to the nurse that MRI
(magnetic resonance imaging) may be performed. The nurse interprets that the
client may be ineligible for this diagnostic procedure based on the client history of
– A prosthetic heart valve
8. A client is scheduled for a CT scanning with contrast medium for a lesion in the
brain. Which of the following laboratory results should be reported as a priority to
the healthcare provider?
– Bun 46 mg/dL
Medsurge 2 Exam 3
9. Patient is going to do a CT scan with mild contrast:
– Creatinine 2.6
10. A client with end stage renal disease who is on maintenance dialysis and is anuric
is scheduled for a CT scan of the spine with contrast. Which of the following
instructions should the nurse give the client to prevent complications following
this diagnostic test?
– Schedule dialysis after the CT scan
11. Which of the following statements indicates correct understanding by the client
who is scheduled to undergo MRI/MRA of the brain? SATA
– “ A huge magnet is used to line up the atom in my body. Then the MRI can
detect increased water content, indicative of disease, in tissues”.
– “ I’m glad you brought extra tubing for my oxygen tank”.
– “ The MRI can give detailed views of the blood flow in my head, unlike the
CT scan I had in the emergency Department.”
12. Client is scheduled for something with arthrogram. What is most important to
inform provider of?
– Shellfish or iodine allergy.
13. A nurse is discharging a pt. with osteoarthritis to home. When developing a
discharge teaching plan for this pt., the nurse should include information
regarding to: SATA
– Pain management
– Nutrition and weight loss
– Self-care strategies
14. For a pt. diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which of the following should the nurse
explain can minimize stress on a painful joint?
– Maintaining normal weight
15. A nurse is caring for a pt. with osteoarthritis. The nurse performs an assessment
knowing that which of the following is a clinical manifestation associated with
this disorder:



Advanced Concepts (NUR 4110 ) Final chapter-15- Winter 2020

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