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Advanced Concepts (NUR 4110 ) Notes

John Marsh
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Exam 3 copy – Notes-which interventions would be recommended for a client with dysphagia? select all that apply.


  • UniversityNova Southeastern University
  • CourseAdvanced Concepts of Adult Nursing II (NUR 4110 )


The RICE acronym is helpful for remembering treatment interventions for
musculoskeletal injuries. Which of the following are components of the RICE
acronym? Select all that apply.
The health care provider orders Solu-medrol 80 mg IV push every 4 hours for inflammation. The
medication vial contains 125 mg/2 mL. How many mL will the client receive in a single dose?
Group of answer choices 1.3
A client undergoes an arthroscopy at the outpatient clinic. After the
procedure, the nurse provides discharge teaching. Which response by the
client indicates the need for further teaching?
My physician may prescribe pain pills after the procedure.”
“I should use my heating pad this evening to reduce some of the pain in my
“I may notice some bruising or swelling in my knee.”
“Elevating my leg will reduce swelling after the procedure.”
The nurse is providing information about strokes to a community group.
Which of the following would the nurse identify as the primary initial
symptoms of an ischemic stroke?
Footdrop and external hip rotation
Weakness on one side of the body and difficulty with speech
Vomiting and seizures
Severe headache and early change in level of consciousnes


Advanced Concepts (NUR 4110 ) Notes

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