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Advanced Database Architecture (DAT 380) Week 3 Apply - Assingment

Sandra Watson
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University of Phoenix

Advanced Database Architecture (DAT 380)

1. Improving _____ leads to more flexible queries

2. Overlapping subtypes are subtypes that contain _____ subsets of the supertype entity set.

3. When a table contains only one candidate key, _____ are considered to be equivalent.

4. In a real-world environment, we must strike a balance between design integrity and _____.

5. A _____ derives its name from the fact that a collection of multiple entries of the same type can
exist for any single key attribute occurrence.

6. Attribute A _____ attribute B if all of the rows in the table that agree in value for attribute A also
agree in value for attribute B.

7. In the context of total completeness, in a(n) _____, every supertype occurrence is a member of
at least one subtype.

8. The default comparison condition for the subtype discriminator attribute is the _____

9. BCNF can be violated only if the table contains more than one _____ key.

10. The most likely data type for a surrogate key is _____.



Advanced Database Architecture (DAT 380) Week 3 Apply - Assingment

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