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Advanced Methodologies (ESL 433N) Graphic Organizer

Sandra Watson
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ESL 433N Graphic Organizer- Burks

Grand Canyon University

Advanced Methodologies of Structured English Immersion (ESL-433N)

Speaking & Listening
Strategy – Read-Alouds: Read out loud to the ELL students to help emphasize their listening comprehension.
Justification – It is important for teachers to read aloud to the students at the pre-emergent
level because they cannot read or comprehend the English language.
Strategy – Visuals: Use visuals and allow the students to point to pictures or act out the
vocabulary words.
Justification – Students at the pre-emergent level cannot read English. “With this strategy,
they will look at literature that is given to them and attempt to connect pictures to the
words. By using books that interest the students, they will be familiar with the pictures and
will begin being able to connect pictures to words” (Robertson & Ford, 2019).
Strategy – Creativity: Encourage creativity and allow the students to draw pictures to express themselves.
Justification – “These students do not know how to read, speak, nor how to write the English language. Allowing them the opportunity to be creative and draw pictures will help the
teacher understand their current knowledge and help develop their understanding and
knowledge of the language as well” (Robertson & Ford, 2019).



Advanced Methodologies (ESL 433N) Graphic Organizer

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