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Anatomy And Physiology 3 (BIO255) LAB Assignments - Week 3 A

John Marsh
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LAB Assignments – Week 3 a

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Anatomy and Physiology 3 (BIO255)

E. Hematocrit
1. Define hematocrit.
It is the percentage of Red blood cells in the whole blood
2. What is the anticoagulant used in this type of blood test? _Heparin_________
3. Ron has a hematocrit of 47%. Is this within the normal range? (yes/no)
Yes – normal range for males is 40 -54%
4. Janey has a hematocrit of 58%. Is this within the normal range? (yes/no)
No – it’s high. Normal range for females is 38-46%
F. Hemoglobin Content and Coagulation Time
1. Do the hematocrit and hemoglobin content of blood measure the same thing? Explain
No – The hematocrit measures the percentage of RBC in whole blood and hemoglobin content
determines the oxygen-carrying ability described in mg/ml of blood.
2. What is the importance of coagulation time?
It measures how long it takes for blood to clot
3. Would a hemophiliac have an above or below normal coagulation time?
He/she will have a longer than normal coagulation time.



Anatomy And Physiology 3 (BIO255) LAB Assignments - Week 3 A

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