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Anatomy And Physiology 3 (BIO255) Week 1 Quiz Study Guide

John Marsh
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Chamberlain College of Nursing

Anatomy and Physiology 3 (BIO255)

Week 1 Quiz Study Guide Apiii (1) with Answers

Week 1 Quiz Study Guide APIII
1. Blood flow from vena cava to aorta
 Superior Vena Cava – blue
 Right atrium – blue
 Tricuspid valve- blue
 Right ventricle – blue
 Pulmonary valve – blue
 Pulmonary trunk – blue
 Pulmonary arteries- blue
 Pulmonary capillaries – red
 Pulmonary veins – red
 Left atrium -red
 Bicuspid valve -red
 Left ventricle -red
 Aortic valve -red
 Aorta – red
*Blue (Deoxygenated blood)
*Red (Oxygenated blood)
2. Valves the blood traverses from vena cave to aorta
 Tricuspid valve (located btw right atrium/right ventricle)
 Bicuspid valve (located btw left atrium/left ventricle)
 Pulmonary valve (located btw pulmonary artery/aorta)
 Aortic valve (located btw aorta/left ventricle)
3. What do arteries and veins carry? Are their any exceptions?
 Arteries carry blood AWAY from the heart.
 Veins carry blood TOWARDS the heart.
Yes, there are 2 exceptions:
1. The pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated blood from the right ventricle to the
2. The Pulmonary vein is known to carry the purified or the oxygenated blood to the
(both reverses roles from other arteries and veins in the body)
4. Identify



Anatomy And Physiology 3 (BIO255) Week 1 Quiz Study Guide

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