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Anatomy And Physiology (BSC2086) Vertebrochondral Ribs

Sandra Watson
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Anatomy section 8 – DSM assignment

DSM assignment


University of South Florida


Anatomy and Physiology II for Nursing and other Healthcare Professionals (BSC2086)

1.Which ribs are named false ribs?

2.What is the function of the intervertebral foramina?

3.The intervertebral foramina __________.

4.Which of the ribs are referred to as vertebral ribs?

5.What bones connect the axial skeleton and the lower appendicular skeleton?

6.Why does the adult vertebral column have fewer vertebrae than that of a newborn?

7.What is the difference between vertebrosternal ribs and vertebrochondral ribs?

8.The structure that encloses and protects the spinal cord is the __________.

9.What type of vertebrae are characterized by short, stumpy spinous processes and large bodies?

10.What is the name of the first cervical vertebra?

11.Which region of the vertebral column articulates with the ribs?

12.What important function is associated with the ribs?

13.C1 and C2 have specific names, which are the __________.

14.Beginning at the superior end of the vertebral canal and proceeding inferiorly, __________.

15.Which of the following clinical problems is associated with the sternum?



Anatomy And Physiology (BSC2086) Vertebrochondral Ribs

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