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Animal Farm Chapter 7 & 8 Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

James Moore
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The economy on the farm is collapsing. How does Napoleon make it seem as though
everything is fine?
Napoleon makes it seem like everything is fine by blaming Snowball for spoiling food
and stole food as well. This is told on pages 77-78.
2. The hens threaten to thwart Napoleon. What happens to them?
The hens try to thwart Napoleon and then they are slaughtered. I know this because it
says so on page 83-84.
3. How is the memory of Snowball used to keep the animals in line?
The memory of Snowball is used to keep the animals in line because the animals think
that Snowball is trying to destroy the farm and then they would all be taken over by humans. I
know this because throughout the book the pigs make Snowball out to be a bad animal by saying
that he is taking all the food and ruining it. This is what you can tell when you read the book.
4. Napoleon feels the need to show cause and effect. He forces four pigs to confess to rebellious
attitudes and then executed them. Explain the meaning of this event and how it affects
Napoleon’s power.
The meaning of this event was that if any animal, not just the pigs, went against the
“government”, then they would be severely punished. This led to the animals respecting
Napoleon with higher authority because they didn’t want to be punished. I know this because it
is an inference that you make while reading the book.
5. Why does Clover sing “Beasts of England” after the executions? What does this event reveal
about her?
Clover sings “Beats of England” after the executions because she wanted to express
herself but the only song she knew was “Beasts of England”. This event shows the reader that
she knows that something is wrong but she doesn’t know what or how to deal with it. I know this
information because it is told on page 87
6. Napoleon abolishes the song. What reason does he give? What is the true reason?
Napoleon abolishes the song because “it is a song of the rebellion”. The true reason that
is was banned was because the song was affiliated with Snowball and that was not good at all. I
know this because of page 88.
7. Give examples in Chapter 8 of how Napoleon systematically lies to the animals.



Animal Farm Chapter 7 & 8 Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

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