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Antiquity and The 19th Century (MAP-401) Giancoli Physics 6th Edition

Sandra Watson
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CHAPTER 1: Introduction, Measurement, Estimating

To find the approximate uncertainty in the volume, calculate the volume for the specified radius, the
minimum radius, and the maximum radius. Subtract the extreme volumes. The uncertainty in the
volume is then half this variation in volume.

To add values with significant figures, adjust all values to be added so that their units are all the

The textbook is approximately 20 cm deep and 4 cm wide. With books on both sides of a shelf, with
a little extra space, the shelf would need to be about 50 cm deep. If the aisle is 1.5 meter wide, then
about 1/4 of the floor space is covered by shelving. The number of books on a single shelf level is

An NCAA-regulation football field is 360 feet long (including the end zones) and 160 feet wide,
which is about 110 meters by 50 meters, or 5,500 m2. The mower has a cutting width of 0.5 meters.
Thus the distance to be walked is

A commonly accepted measure is that a person should drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water each day.
That is about 2 quarts, or 2 liters of water per day. Then approximate the lifetime as 70 years.

Consider the body to be a cylinder, about 170 cm tall, and about 12 cm in cross-sectional radius (a
30-inch waist). The volume of a cylinder is given by the area of the cross section times the height.



 Antiquity and The 19th Century (MAP-401) Giancoli Physics 6th Edition

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