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AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 Equation Sheet

John Marsh
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AP Physics 1 Equation Sheet

AP Physics 2 Equation Sheet

AP Physics Formula Sheet

Te equation tables are grouped in sections according to the major content category in which they appear. Within each section, the symbols used for the variables in that section are defned. However, in some cases the same symbol is used to represent diferent quantities in diferent tables. It should be noted that there is no uniform convention among textbooks for the symbols used in writing equations. Te equation tables follow many common conventions, but in some cases consistency was sacrifced for the sake of clarity.

AP Physics 1 Reference Sheet

AP Physics 1 Formula Sheet

AP Physics C Equation Sheet

AP Physics 2 Formula Sheet

Advanced Placement Physics Equation Sheet

Some explanations about notation used in the equation tables:
1. Te symbols used for physical constants are the same as those in theTable of Information and are defned in the Table of Information
rather than in the right-hand columns of the equation tables.
2. Symbols with arrows above them represent vector quantities.
3. Subscripts on symbols in the equations are used to represent special cases of the variables defned in the right-hand columns.
4. Te symbol ∆ before a variable in an equation specifcally indicates a change in the variable (e.g., fnal value minus initial value).
5. Several diferent symbols (e.g., d, r, s, h, !) are used for linear dimensions such as length. Te particular symbol used in an equation
is one that is commonly used for that equation in textbooks.




AP Physics 1 and 2 Equations Sheet

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