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Apple Brand Portfolio Review Apple Is A Worldwide Brand

Sandra Watson
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Apple Brand Portfolio Review
Apple is a worldwide brand that has made its home in California. It has become one of the top selling and manufacturing companies nationwide. It started with the Apple 1 iPhone and transitioned into the Mac computer, while slowly adding more products. It is one of the World’s biggest Brands in the consumer computer and cellular phone business which was created in April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne. They now have a broad scope of advanced products such as the Mac PCs, Apple TV, the Apple iPod, the Apple iPad, and the Apple iPhone and among other things. Their mission is to make user friendly and affordable products that will be useful for a diverse group of customers. The imaginative and perfectionist Steve Jobs was concerned with creating Apple to be the most important and, more importantly, most innovative-based company globally, so far as revenue as nicely so far as all-out resources, and within the territory of cellphone produce (Chikhale and Mansouri 2015).

Porter’s Five Forces
Porter’s Five Forces model is a tool that has been used by some of the top corporations named after Michael E. Porter. Porter developed this model in the early 80’s to analyze if a company was going in the right direction to be profitable and attract customers with their products. Its based off five important factors of every business and market. They are competitive forces that if used in the right way can make that business very profitable. Owners and Marketing teams can create strategies based off their strengths and weaknesses of the five forces. They can analyze themselves in comparison to their competition to reorganize or restructure a better plan and future growth. This analysis will help evaluate the forces affecting Apple’s competition in their external environment and the resulting effect on it while continuing to produce new products such as the Apple Car Stereo.
As every company has, Apple has had ups and downs in their rise to fame as one of the world’s famous computer and phone brands. They have always strived off excellent quality and new designs. Their number focus is the innovative technology which has driven their success and growth. So, for them to see if the Apple Car Stereo will be successful, we must first start with an analysis through the five forces:
1.   Bargaining power of suppliers:
Over the years, Apple has controlled a large chain of suppliers globally from the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, and other nations as well. They deal with so many suppliers that it does not leave them with much room for bargaining. They also have a variety of products produced by the different suppliers. So, one part of a product can be produced by a supplier in China while the other parts might come from Brazilian suppliers. By doing business this way, they have control over their suppliers which causes no threat for forward integration. It just makes Apple weaker on the bargaining side while still having excellent control over the suppliers who only excel in one portion of the production process.
2.   Bargaining Power of Customers:
There really is no bargaining power in any one individual customer of Apple or any of its competitors. On the other hand, when it comes to customer groups or different market sectors, Apple has lost a huge computer market in places like China and Japan due to their competitors like Lenovo. On an individual market, Apple has higher bargaining power when comparing to customer groups. Realizing that they need to strengthen themselves in customer groups, they have invested millions of dollars in Research and Development. This allows them to bring new and more innovative products that keeps the Apple brand one step ahead of its competitors. In today’s World Market, customers are exploring all brands and looking for new. People like to say they are one of the few people who has a particular product, but Apple has created such a brand loyalty it keeps their customers coming back for the iPhone which sales increase yearly. The bargaining power of the customers is weak to moderate when it comes to its Apple fanbase.
3.   Threat of New Entrants:
There are only two factors that are keeping most companies from being anything but a threat to Apple. First would be the amount of money needed to establish a new competitive Technology company such as Apple right out the gate. Secondly, no brand is going to just come in and generate the same type star power and recognition as Apple has accomplished over years of hard work. The only threat that Apple will have is going to come from other big brands like Samsung who also generates lots of capital and has a lot of recognition to challenge Apple’s market share.
Threats from other companies only exist because of Apple’s premium prices, but still these companies are a low threat of taking a small portion of the market share away. The brand image and loyalty of the Apple customers makes any threat very minimal. But to keep things that way Apple must continue to bring forth more innovative products and enter new territories such as the auto industry with the creation of an Apple Car System.
4.   Threat of Substitutes:
This is a threat that will continue to grow for years to come for Apple, because other brands are continuing to introduce cheaper and more affordable smart phones. Apple has loyalty, but other brands are producing products that are considered more efficient with better designs. For example, someone in their later years is not really concerned with anything other than making phone calls. They do not text much and do not get into all the technical apps which require to much thinking or more complications with a higher price tag. Therefore, we are starting to see the old flip phones comeback in the market now, because they are small, simple, and convenient. These other companies are becoming bigger threats outside of the U. S., where Apple loyal fanbase is lower. Apple cannot control those threats; all they can do is continue to branch off and bring more products with more new features. Again, venturing off into new sectors to keep competitors struggling to keep up.
5.   Competitive Rivalry between the existing players:
In recent years, the level of competition between Apple and its competitors such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, and HP have reached an all-time high. All it takes is for one brand to make a bad business decision and they could be out the game. The competition level is very intense and plays a key role in Apple’s performance and profits. Google and Samsung’s high-performance androids are fighting to take the throne away from Apple’s iPhone, while Amazon’s kindle tablet is chasing the Apple iPads. Lenovo and HP are right there with the MacBook’s while Microsoft is competing in the operating system. It is no longer just Apple putting more focus into Research and Development, their rivals are doing the same and some at lower cost. These other brands are coming fast and fierce behind Apple making the competitive rivalry stronger than it has ever been.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths– the latest in 5 years and uses a savvy promoting method to advance many of its items. Apple’s office may be very adaptable and dynamic, with representatives feeling persuaded, as a rule, to present their most satisfactory administrations for the group (Haggege et al. 2017). – one among the vital qualities of the Apple Firm lies within the territory of advancement. It is thought to supply gadgets in special situations imaginative and artistic to their method and use. Moreover, the group is sponsored by robust Investors with all the brand’s vital acquisitions, adding to its premium quality today.
Weaknesses – Premium valuing and upscale prices are, without doubt, one of the most crucial shortcomings of Apple, with the their objects usually being out of the price range for regular middle pay purchasers in America, simply because of the rest of the world. The extra meaningful shortcoming of their products is that these are not successfully viable with totally different items. The headphones for a standard phone cannot be utilized when listening to music within the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad, and the tools utilized for regular PCs cannot be utilized when using a Mac (Kourdi 2015).

Opportunities– The best way that the Apple products are something but tough to make the most of and How that its gadgets are wanted worldwide infers that Apple can develop and mature in many unfamiliar enterprise sectors such as the auto industry with a Car Audio System. The previous introduction of Apple credit card and Apple pay is also one thing that’s most likely going to obtain the group ahead way within the months and years to come, as Apple Pay has upset the route by which installments are made via telephone, and has consolation the net-based mostly buying expertise of purchasers greater than ever (Marshall et al. 2016). People have created smart car decks, but there is yet an Apple Car Stereo that will take over the car industry as well as replace Apple’s car play which is just another accessory. It will create an opportunity to link with some of the biggest Car manufacturers out there like General Motors or Chrysler.
Threats – There may be numerous rivalries that Apple must-see within the worldwide market, with a portion of Apple’s vital adversaries being organizations, for example, Samsung, Google, LG, and Amazon. The best way that is such a creative group is for shoppers to hold a ravenous yearning for Apple products and expect all such products to be imaginatively and creatively deliberate and arranged to consider practical use. Besides, Apple must deal with its retailers’ ethical norms to try not to lose its current demographic to its opposition, presently and shortly (Chikhale and Mansouri 2015).

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