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Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 171) Stimulus Control Transfer Procedures

Sandra Watson
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California State University Sacramento

Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 171)

Ch 10L Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus Control

Behavioral Acquisition
Development of new behavior through reinforcement
Some learners acquire behavior by
□ Being told how
□ Being shown how
Or with physical assistance Example
Prompting is an acquisition strategy
When is Prompting used
To develop a variety of new behaviors
§Teaching a child to bounce a ball
Teaching an adult with an intellectual disability to give others
their personal space
Learning new material for a class
To develop stimulus control
Get the right behavior at the right time  When contextually appropriate
When is a behavior under stimulus control?
When the behavior only occurs in the presence of a
particular discriminative stimulus (SD)
What is Prompt?
An antecedent stimulus or event that controls a response
§ Used by teachers, coaches, parents, trainers Gets the behavior to occur in the correct situation
Allows learner to access to reinforcers
Teaching language, such as the word “Dog”
Types of Prompts
Response prompts
§ Prompts that involve the BX of another person



Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 171) Stimulus Control Transfer Procedures

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