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Argumentation And Advocacy (COM-362) Introduction To Logic Lecture Notes By Grand Canyon University

Sandra Watson
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Grand Canyon University

Argumentation and Advocacy (COM-362)

Topic 2 Reading exercises from:
Copi, Irving M. Introduction to Logic, 14th Edition. Routledge.
Identify and explain the fallacies of relevance in the following passages:
1. If you can’t blame the English language and your own is unforgivingly precise, blame the
microphone. That was the route Jacques Chirac took after his nuclear remark about a nuclear
Iran. “Having one or perhaps a second bomb a little later, well, that’s not very dangerous,” Mr.
Chirac said with a shrug. The press was summoned back for a retake. “I should rather have paid
attention to what I was saying and understood that perhaps I was on the record,” Mr. Chirac
offered, as if the record rather than the remark were the issue.
—Stacy Schiff, “Slip Sliding Away,” The New York Times, 2 February 2007
Explanation: This is example of a red herring fallacy. This is a red herring because Mr.
Chirac is trying to talk about other things rather than the issue saying that he should have
paid attention or that he was blaming the microphone when it was his fault.
2. Nietzsche was personally more philosophical than his philosophy. His talk about power,
harshness, and superb immorality was the hobby of a harmless young scholar and constitutional
—George Santayana, Egotism in German Philosophy, 1915
Explanation: This is an example of an argumentum ad hominem, as circumstantial. This is
a circumstantial ad hominem because it is using personal things as a premise to oppose an
argument, but there is no truth on what was claimed.
3. Like an armed warrior, like a plumed knight, James G. Blaine marched down the halls of the
American Congress and threw his shining lances full and fair against the brazen foreheads of
every defamer of his country and maligner of its honor.



Argumentation And Advocacy (COM-362) Introduction To Logic Lecture Notes By Grand Canyon University

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