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Arizona And Federal Government (POS-301) Assignment About The Government Branches

Sandra Watson
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Grand Canyon University

Arizona and Federal Government (POS-301)

POS-301: Principles and Articles of the United States
Constitution Worksheet
Part I: Principles of the Constitution
The constitution consists of some primary principles. Briefly explain the following principles
and their significance in shaping American government.
 Self-Government: The significance of self-government shaped the American
government by being able to have the freedom to do what they want as long as they follow
the government’s rules.
 Separation of Powers: The significance of this is how the government functions such as
legislation, law enforcement, and adjudication as well as the three branches of governmentthe
president, Congress, and the courts. Mostly, all of the branches of government, they are
all in charge with the legislation (Separation of Powers, para. 2).
 Checks and Balances: The significance of checks and balances is so the government has
the control to limit the power of each other, so no one branch can become too powerful. They
all stay the same.
Part II: Balance of Power
In the space below, write an analysis of approximately 250 words on how the system of checks
and balances in the federal government helps to limit the concentration of power.
 Cite specific examples.
 Defend your rationale.
 Utilize the required readings, academic websites, and the GCU Library as resources for this



Arizona And Federal Government (POS-301) Assignment About The Government Branches

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