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Art Appreciation (ART 1309) Unit 1 Quiz Review

Sandra Watson
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Texas Tech University

Art Appreciation (ART 1309)

Unit 1 Quiz Review
This quiz will consist of 20 multiple choice questions, each worth 5 points for a total of 100. You will have 30 minutes to
complete the quiz. Once you have started, you must complete the quiz. Questions will be delivered one at a time and
you will not be allowed to back-track (change your answer to a question that has already been submitted). There are no
questions on the quiz that are not covered here in the review.
 Motion is not the only indicator of the passage of time in art. _bioartist_______ use the changing properties of
organic material to create a sense of time passing in their art.
 Color can be used for healing purposes. The ancient Persian philosopher Avicenna believed that looking at the
color __blue______ had beneficial effects.



Art Appreciation (ART 1309) Unit 1 Quiz Review

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