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ASN (NRSG 200) ABG interpretation Tictactoe

John Marsh
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ABG interpretation with tictactoe

Worksheet explaining how to determine ABG’s using the tic-tac-toe method

  • UniversityIvy Tech Community College of Indiana
  • CourseComplex Medical Surgical Nursing for the ASN (NRSG 200)


Rules for ABG Interpretation

2. Assess the pH. Is it within the normal range, acidotic or alkalotic? Write it in the column
that applies.
3. Assess the PaCO2. With a respiratory problem, as pH falls below 7.35, the PaCO2 level
should rise. If the pH rises above 7.45, the PaCO2 should fall. If the pH and PaCO2 levels
are moving in opposite directions, the problem is primarily respiratory in nature. Since
PaCO2 is opposite in nature from pH, reverse the range to 45-35 (acidosis to alkalosis).
Write it in the column that applies.
4. Assess the HCO3
– . With a metabolic problem, as the pH falls, the HCO3

should also fall,
and as the pH increases, the HCO3

is expected to increase. If these values are moving in
the same direction, the problem is primarily



 ASN (NRSG 200) ABG interpretation Tictactoe

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