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Assessment And Diagnostic Reasoning (NURS 5220) NURS 5220 400 401 402

John Marsh
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NURS 5220 400 401 402 May 20 Summer 2019 Syllabus-2

The University of Texas at Arlington

Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning (NURS 5220)

Attendance Policy: Student attendance in this online course is required virtually as needed to
successfully complete course assignments and assessments within the required timelines. The
course has been developed to be delivered completely online. There are no mandatory in class
attendance requirements however you are required to meet the established assignment due dates.
Other Requirements:
 Students are expected and required to check Email Daily and may be required to
interact via text communication
 Faculty reserve the right to schedule internet group sessions during the semester if
deemed necessary, the meetings will be scheduled with less than 24 hours or 1 day
notice. Participation in the meetings would be for student learning and participation/or
lack thereof is not reflective in grading. Video Recording is a requirement in this course.
Faculty will serve as additional resources, but if the student has concerns or problems
with audiovisual then additional resources or supports may be required including but not
limited to the Help Desk.
 Respondus is required for testing in this course
 Kaltura lite space is required for recording in this course.
 Due to the short during of the class, students may experience circumstances or special
requirements such as short turn around, daily or text communication, or other specific
and course prerequisites, out-of-class meetings, etc. It is especially important to let
students know if there are any requirements that go beyond regular class meetings so that
those with other responsibilities (family, work, other courses) can plan accordingly.
 Students who choose to utilize alternative Video upload software will do so without
faculty support or assistance, especially if the student has challenges with assignment



Assessment And Diagnostic Reasoning (NURS 5220) NURS 5220 400 401 402

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