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Basic Communication Theory (COM 200) Social Penetration Theory Examples

Sandra Watson
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Northern Arizona University

Basic Communication Theory (COM 200)

In my job, I have to create strong bonds with children and their parents. This is easier
said than done and takes time and patience. This is especially the case when it comes to
developing a relationship with a child. I work as a nanny and care for children in various ways.
The most important aspect of my job is developing a strong bond with the child. I consider this
important because without a strong connection there is no reason for the child to respect me and
therefore cooperate. Of course, I also want to create a strong bond because I care about the child,
want us to get along, and have fun but ultimately, I need them to behave and understand that I
am in charge. In order to develop an intimacy with each other we start by discussing superficial
topics such as school and their likes and dislikes. This paves the ground for the relationship and
gives each of us a little insight into each other’s personality. From there, the conversation begins
to cross into more intimate topics such as their personal issues like school bullying and fights
with their parents. From there, we begin to create assumptions about each other and can predict
one another’s behavior. Additionally, I can develop an understanding of their boundaries and
know how best to approach a difficult situation. I have to be careful not to push things too
quickly though or the process of bonding can take a step backwards.



Basic Communication Theory (COM 200) Social Penetration Theory Examples

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