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Basic Marketing (MK 3010) Nuclear Cowboyz

Sandra Watson
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Marketing Case Study- Nuclear Cowboyz

Georgia State University

Basic Marketing (MK 3010)

Step One: Situation Summary
When it comes to motorcycle racing in North America Motocross and Supercross
are by far the two most popular hands down. This case study focused primarily on the
hybrid combination of motocross and supercross and Fled Entertainment’s opportunity
to create a brand-new entity by presenting a hybrid of those two motorcycle racing
series as Vegas entertainment style and attract a massive and diversified audience,
with the selling points centered around the adrenaline rush, excitement and interest in
motor sports.
To understand the relevance and utter important of this case study it is important
to identify and explicate what Feld Entertainment is and how significant their
entertainment productions and are and just how intricate their inception of “The Nuclear
Cowboyz” really was in the grand scheme of the sport entertainment world. Irvine Feld
started as a record and music promoter and in 1956 found himself getting involved with
the circus. From humble beginnings, the Feld brothers used their familiarity with the
entertainment business to bring Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s “The
Greatest Show on Earth” back to relevancy in 1957. Later in 1971, the brother sold the
company to Mattel for $50 million in stock and then bought it back in 1982. Feld
Entertainment was later able to penetrate the sports market through its acquiring of Live
Nation’s motor sports division at the tune of $175 million.
In an effort to increase success and expand the business, Feld Entertainment
went on to purchase a complex in Ellenton, Florida known as the Palmetto Corporate
Center and set up its headquarters there. As a result of those business transactions the
general public is able to enjoy productions such as the following: Ringling Brothers and
3 | T h e N u c l e a r C o w b o y z C a s e S t u d y
Barnum & Bailey, Monster Energy Supercross, Monster Jam, Disney on Ice, Disney
Live, Marvel University Live and of course, Nuclear Cowboyz. We will be focusing on
the latter.
Nuclear Cowboyz has been described as “an action-packed show set in a
postapocalyptic future” (Pitts, Lu-Anderson, 2011). The show’s backdrop is in Los
Angeles amidst war and turmoil set in the year 2150. The show’s main protagonists, if
you will, are nuclear cowboy tribes that are known as the Metal Mulisha and the
Soldiers of Havoc (Pitts, Lu-Anderson, 2011). The two tribes battle it out despite the
adversity that manifests itself in the form of an iniquitous goddess referred to as the
Tempest whose main agenda entails destroying the Nuclear Cowboyz. The show is
highlighted with an adrenaline-laced, action-packed cast including freestyle riders and
medalists from the X Games and Winter X Games alike. The Nuclear Cowboyz is a twohour
compilation of raw athleticism, gravity defying tricks and stunts with martial arts
undertones in a never-before seen ingenious hybrid with Las Vegas style choreography
and theatrical production elements.



Basic Marketing (MK 3010) Nuclear Cowboyz

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