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Basic Nursing Skills (VNSG 1323) Orem - Group 9 - Dorothea Orem

John Marsh
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Orem – Group 9 – Dorothea orem

Lone Star College System

Basic Nursing Skills (VNSG 1323 )

Dorothea Orem: Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory
Healthcare professionals encourage patients to be independent in many situations;
however, this can often be a struggle. When patients are in the hospital there are healthcare
professionals taking care of them around the clock, but once they are home their care is primarily
up to them. This is why patient education before discharge is crucial. Once home, patients
frequently fail or have difficulty transitioning to caring for themselves, which, in turn, affects
their overall quality of health. When patients begin caring for themselves, they are able to
recover more quickly and holistically (Petiprin, 2016a). Through patient education, nurses are
able to teach patients the necessary tools to manage their health and prevent future illness. In a
hospital setting, patient education should be prioritized to prevent additional complications or
delays in healing. Dorothea Orem (1959), created the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory also
known as Orem Model of Nursing, which would help create a smoother transition for patients to
begin caring for themselves. Within her theory, there are three interlocking theories, including
the Theory of Self-Care, Theory of Self-Care Deficit, and Theory of Nursing Systems (Parker &
Smith, 2010, p. 125). Orem’s (1959) theory places social responsibility on nursing professionals
to educate patients for discharge, promote health, and promote independence among those who
are deficient in caring for themselves. Implementing the Orem Model of Nursing into everyday
nursing practice helps achieve the goal of adequate self-care. The purpose of this paper is to
discuss the background of nurse theorist Dorothea Orem, discuss Orem’s (1959) theory, and
discuss how to apply the nursing theory into clinical practice.



Basic Nursing Skills (VNSG 1323) Orem - Group 9 - Dorothea Orem

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