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Biology (BIOL 101L) The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle And Cancer

Sandra Watson
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Cell Cycle and Cancer HW

Marist College

Topics In Biology (BIOL 101L)

The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer
1. Why is cell division important for both unicellular and multicellular organisms?

2. Why does cell division remain important to an adult organism even after it is fully developed?

3. Cells divide, differentiate, or die. What is differentiation?

4. What is apoptosis? What is its purpose?

5. What are cell cycle regulators?

6. What happens if cell cycle regulators don’t function properly?

7. Cells go through periods of growth and division. Cell division occurs during Mitosis.

8. Fill in the details about what happens during the three phases of interphase labeled in the

9. In general, what is the purpose of a checkpoint in the cell cycle?

10. What is the G0 phase of the cell cycle? A resting, or non-dividing stage.

11. What are cell cycle regulators?

12. Cancer is the result of an improperly regulated cell cycle. Describe two reasons why cells can
form tumors

13. In some types of colon cancer, stem cells have a mutation in the APC gene. What happens if
the APC gene is mutated?

14. Normally, proto-oncogenes stimulate the cell cycle. What are oncogenes and how do they
affect the cell cycle?

15. Normally, tumor suppressor genes inhibit the cell cycle. How do mutated tumor suppressor
genes affect the cell cycle?



Biology (BIOL 101L) The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle And Cancer

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