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Biology II (BIO 220) Chapter 41 Review

Sandra Watson
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when digested, proteins are broken down into _____.

Chapter 41 review – lecture notes-Biology II (BIO 220)


Borough of Manhattan Community College

1. Choose the list that presents the four stages of food processing in the
order in which they naturally occur.

2. When digested, proteins are broken down into _____.

3. When digested, fats are broken down into _____.

4. Starch is a type of _____.

5. Starch is a carbohydrate composed of many monomers (many
monosaccharide units).

6. Your small intestine can absorb ____ without their being further

8. Which of these enzymes begins the breakdown of

10.Starch can be broken down into the disaccharide
known as _____.

12.Protein digestion begins in the _____.

14.What is the main component of gastric juice?

16._____ is secreted by the _____ and acts to emulsify
_____ in the _____.

18.What acid is responsible for stomach acidity?

19.In the digestive system, peristalsis is

20.After ingestion by humans, the first category of
macromolecules to be chemically digested by
enzymes in the mouth is



Biology II (BIO 220) Chapter 41 Review

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