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(BIOS-242) Fundamentals of Microbiology with Lab

John Marsh
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Micro – Mid term studyguide

  • UniversityChamberlain College of Nursing
  • CourseFundamentals of Microbiology with Lab (BIOS-242)

MICRO. Midterm Study Guide
Multiple Choice questions review
1. Define parasites. What organisms are obligatory parasites and why
2. Describe the idea of spontaneous generation and what experiments have refuted
this idea? Describe the experiment of Louis Pasteur in details as well as the
inferences that were made. What was a specific feature of the experiment that
has allowed to carry out the experiment?
3. Postulates of Robert Koch. List them all and their significance in microbiology.
4. Describe structural classification of viruses.
5. Make sure you know the major structure of major biomolecules: carbohydrates,
lipids, proteins, nucleic acid, ATP. Pay attention to the lipids: their structure and
function in the cellular composition.
6. What is the specific feature of acid-fast bacteria? Why? Give an example of acidfast bacteria



 (BIOS-242) Fundamentals of Microbiology with Lab

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