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Business Communications (COMM 3160 ) Chapter 8

Sandra Watson
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Chapter 8 – Excellence In Business Commerce Writing Routine And Positive Messages-which of the following is an effective opening for a routine request message?

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Business Communications (COMM 3160 )

Excellence in Business Comm., 10e (Thill)
Chapter 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages
1) When making a routine request, you should begin with

2) When making a routine request, you should

3) Which of the following would be the best opening for a routine request?

4) In the body of a routine request, you should

5) When asking multiple questions in a request message

6) When closing a direct request, you should

7) In requesting a sales report from a co-worker, you should

8) Before volunteering someone’s name as a reference, always

9) If you request a recommendation from a person you haven’t had contact with recently, you

10) The opening of a request for a recommendation should include

11) In closing a request for a recommendation, you should include

12) When making claims or requesting adjustments, you should begin by

13) When making a claim or requesting an adjustment, your close should usually

14) Routine, positive messages should do all of the following except

15) In a positive message, the main idea is presented



Business Communications (COMM 3160 ) Chapter 8

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