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Business Policy (BPL 5100) Catherine Kawalek Syllabus

Sandra Watson
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BPL5100 CTRA Kawalek Fall Syllabus Updated 092717 b

Baruch College CUNY

Business Policy (BPL 5100)

Congratulations! Graduation is in sight. You’ve worked effectively to get to this stage and this course offers you
the opportunity to draw on your past business disciplines coursework to make an actionable and strategic plan for
companies that you will work for in your future careers.
We’ll be approaching strategy and planning (the core focus of this class) through case management methodology
which will require your active participation in class and a commitment to your team. From both the standpoint of a
general manager and business stakeholder, you will assess other companies’ actions and outcomes and then
apply this learning to a simulation that will show the success of your strategic management decisions. By
assessing both the internal assets of your ‘company’ and the external environment, you will learn how and why
strategies are selected to capitalize on organizational, competitive or new market opportunities.
Everything you passed on your walk here today was created by a team of individuals who came together to share
an objective and then crafted that desire into a winning strategic plan that guided their investments, organizational
development, competitive positioning, marketplace persona creation and executional work plans. The best
takeaway that you can acquire through this class a sense of wonder on how things are created and accomplished
in business. Start practicing by walking down the street and asking yourself how 2 Starbucks outlets can co-exist
across the street from each other, how that crane was made and delivered to the job site, how did the operator
find his job, how did the lawyer create the brand contract that she just dropped getting out of the cab, how did the
brand logo come to be applied to the cab advertising signage… and this list goes on. Make it your objective to
learn how to pull together the skills and knowledge to create strategies and plans for any business your career
takes you after graduation.
Kawalek 2 BPL5100 CTRA 9/27/2017
Through this course you will learn how to
• Prepare a situation analysis of the internal assets and external positioning of an organization to determine
the strategic strength of its plan
• Identify and diagnose root causes of current company issues
• Recommend strategies to capitalize on opportunities to drive future success
• Drill down on these strategies by articulating specific actions and creating blueprints for successful
• Work as a team to negotiate the various points of view and goals for all stakeholders
• Present and communicate clearly, confidently and persuasively



Business Policy (BPL 5100) Catherine Kawalek

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