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WGU C225 Task 2 Research Questions and Literature

John Marsh
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C225 Task 2 WGU Research Questions and Literature

Research Problem Statement

Because many second grade students in my classroom struggle to decode multisyllabic words despite the majority of words in the English language being multisyllabic, research needs to be done to find the most beneficial form of teaching multisyllabic word decoding. In my literature search, I found several methods for teaching multisyllabic word reading, but no definitive answer as to which was most successful.

Literature Review
The vast majority of words in the English language are multisyllabic and they make up an increasingly large portion of the words in elementary school text (Heggie & Wade-Woolley, 2017). Despite this, many students struggle to read these longer words, and as evidence shows, if a child is not able to successfully decode multisyllabic words by third grade, they fail to ever catch up (Klee, Brasch, Neyman, McLaughlin, & Stookey, 2015).




C225 task 2

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