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Care Practicum (NRSE 2351) fluid volume example

John Marsh
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Care plan for excess fluid volume example

  • UniversityEast Tennessee State University
  • CoursePatient Centered Care Practicum (NRSE 2351)

Care Plan for Excess Fluid Volume example (NOT A REAL PERSON, FAKE PATIENT)
 Nursing Problem: 1+ edema in feet bilaterally, weight gain by 7 pounds within 2 weeks, poor
renal function, diabetes, gout, congestive heart failure, pneumonia
 Collaborative Problems: Dietician would also be helpful with the patient’s poor renal function,
as they can provide nutrition and dietary guidelines that would help that. Patient is a fall risk so
physical therapy will help regain strength and stability. Respiratory therapy can help the patient
with breathing mechanisms to prevent them from getting pneumonia again.


Care Practicum (NRSE 2351) fluid volume example

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