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(CH 222 Lab) Hess’s Law Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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  • UniversityPortland State University
  • CourseLab for General Chemistry 2 (CH 222 Lab)

Hess’s Law:
INTRODUCTION: The following experiment has been designed to
determine the enthalpy for MgO(s) using Hess’s Law and simple
calorimetry. Hess’s Law states that: regardless of the multiple stages or
steps of a reaction, the total enthalpy change for the reaction is the sum
of all changes which is clearly depicted in Figure 1 below. This law is a
manifestation that enthalpy is a state function. Chemical reactions involve
the breaking of chemical bonds in a given set of reactants, and the
formation of other different chemical bonds in a given set of products. A
thorough examination of the many roles that energy changes have in
chemical processes can lead to insights into other chemical phenomena.



(CH 222 Lab) Hess’s Law Lab Report

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