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Writing Responsibly (UCWR110) Growing Up Tethered

Sandra Watson
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Summary and Response

Loyola University Chicago

Writing Responsibly (UCWR110)

Daniela Molestina
January 3rd, 2018
In the article, Growing Up Tethered, Sherry Turkle discusses the current generation of teenagers
that are “tethered” or linked to technology. The author argues that teenagers are unable to make any free
decision because of the constant presence of their parents. She also argues that nowadays teenagers have
no need to develop empathic skills, to think about their identities and values, and to express their feelings.
In other words, that today’s generation do not create the time to discover themselves or interact with
people using face-to-face communication.
Turkle explores the idea that young people are unable to make decisions by their own due to the
constant presence of parents. Now a day, exists a high dependence on parents for any decision to take. As
the student from Branscome explains, “I taught my parents to IM… Now my parents IM me all the time”
(174). This is a clear example of the intensive presence parents have in their kids’ lives due to facilitators
as cell phones. They now are unable to make any free decisions.



Writing Responsibly (UCWR110) Growing Up Tethered

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