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Chapter 3 Review Genetics Texas A&M University-Kingsville

James Moore
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1. Name the single individual whose work in the mid-1800s contributed to our understanding of the particulate nature of inheritance as well as the basic genetic transmission patterns. With which organism did this person work?Gregor Mendel; Pisum sativum2. A recessive allele in tigers causes the white tiger. If two normally pigmented tigers are mated and produce a white offspring, what percentage of their remaining offspring would be expected to have normal pigmentation?75%3. Which types of phenotypic ratios are likely to occur in crosses when dealing with a single gene pair for which all the genotypic combinations are of equal viability?1:2:1, 3:14. The fundamental Mendelian process that involves the separation of contrasting genetic elements at the same locus is called ________.Segregation5. Mendel’s unit factors in pairs are most accurately known to be __________.



Chapter 3 Review Genetics Texas A&M University-Kingsville

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