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(CHEM 3152) Extraction Organic Chemistry Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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Full Lab Report 1 – Extracting naphthalene from benzoic acid

Extracting naphthalene from benzoic acid

  • UniversityAngelo State University
  • CourseOrganic Chem Lab (CHEM 3152)

Leiyona Young
24 October 2016
Organic Chemistry 1
Bruce Atwater
Often times, the products of chemical reactions are not one pure compound. Byproducts
of the reaction, unreacted starting materials and any catalysts used will all be
mixed together at the end of a chemical reaction.1 Extractions are a technique used to
isolate components in a mixture in order to yield a pure compound.2 Usually, an organic
solution is combined with an immiscible solvent in order to form a two layer suspension
which can then be separated. Coffee is decaffeinated through extraction.3 Steeping a
teabag in hot water or washing a load of laundry are solid-liquid extractions.4 Purifying
fermented solutions for the production of biofuels is an example of a liquid-liquid
extraction.5 In this experiment, we will practice the extraction technique by separating a
mixture of naphthalene and benzoic acid.



(CHEM 3152) Extraction Organic Chemistry Lab Report

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