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Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry Worksheet Key

James Moore
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Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry Key

1. Propane (C3H8) undergoes combustion in air according to the following balanced equation:

a. How many molecules of CO2 will be formed when 25 molecules of C3H8 react?

b. How many moles of oxygen are needed to react with 12.5 mol of C3H8?

c. How many grams of C3H8 react with 500.0 grams of oxygen?

d. If a cylinder of propane contains 1.00 kg of C3H8, how many grams of CO2 are formed
when it burns?

e. How many moles of oxygen gas are required to form 5.25 x 1024 molecules of CO2?

2. Suppose that 24.3 grams of solid calcium carbonate are decomposed with heat to produce solid
calcium oxide and carbon dioxide gas.
a. Write the decomposition reaction (remember to balance the equation and include state

b. How many grams of each product is formed?

3. What mass of aluminum, in kg, is needed to react with 10.0 kg of chromium(III) oxide to
produce chromium metal and aluminum oxide? The balanced chemical equation for this
reaction is shown below.

2 Al (s) + Cr2O3 (s)  2 Cr (s) + Al2O3 (s)

4. When a hydrocarbon burns, water and carbon dioxide are produced. The density of gasoline
is 0.79 g/mL. Assume that gasoline is completely made up of octane, C8H18.

a. Write the balanced equation for the combustion of octane (remember state symbols):

b. Calculate the mass of water produced from the combustion of 2.0 L of gasoline.

5. If 11.0 pounds of iron(III) oxide is reacted with excess carbon monoxide gas to yield solid iron
ore and carbon dioxide gas, as shown in the balanced chemical equation below, how many
grams of iron ore is produced?

6. Consider the following reaction between copper and oxygen gas:

a) How many grams of Cu are required to react with 24.0 g of oxygen gas to form CuO?

b) How many grams of CuO will be formed?

7. A mixture of 60.0% ZnS and 40.0% CuS is heated in air until the sulfides are completely
converted to oxides as shown by the following equations.

How many grams of SO2 are produced from the reaction of 82.5 g of the sulfide mixture?



Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry Worksheet Key

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