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Children And Their Families (NURS 3548 ) Sample-Practice Exam 2019

John Marsh
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Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Nursing Care of Children and their Families (NURS 3548 )

Sample/practice exam 2019, questions and answers

Peds Exam 1 EAQ’s
A community nurse is conducting an awareness program about the role of vitamins in the
prevention of health problems in children. Which vitamin should the nurse recommend for all
pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects in infants?- 0.4mg of folic acid
Which clinical manifestations should the nurse expect in an infant with failure to thrive?-
Malnutrition, developmental delays, and feeding disorders
A 4-month-old baby sustained minor oral burns from drinking hot milk. The nurse learns that the
parent had warmed the expressed breast milk in a microwave for 3 minutes before giving it to the
baby. What should the nurse advise the parent?- Never use a microwave for warming the
expressed breast milk
The addition of vitamins to commercially prepared infant foods increases the risk of which
condition?- Hypervitaminosis
Apnea of infancy has been diagnosed in an infant who is now scheduled for discharge with home
monitoring. The discharge teaching plan should include which information?- CPR
A nurse is teaching a parent about the safety measures to be taken at home. Which statement
made by the parent requires further teaching?- “I would provide attractive small toys for my
child to play with.”
What condition is also known as paroxysmal abdominal pain?- Colic
A 1-month-old infant is admitted to the hospital for failure to thrive (FTT) secondary to a cardiac
condition. How is this type of FTT categorized?- Organic
The parent of an 11-month-old infant tells the nurse that the infant vomits a lot and cries for no
obvious reason. On examination, the infant’s weight is found to fall below the fifth percentile on
a standard growth chart. Which dietary instruction included in the care plan of the infant is most
appropriate?- “Include fortified rice cereals in the infant’s diet.”
What best describes the origin of a cow’s milk allergy?- A multifaceted disorder representing
adverse systemic and local gastrointestinal reactions to cow’s milk protein
An infant is brought to the hospital clinic for a well visit. The infant lifts his head and chest as
shown in the figure. The infant is also able to recognize his feeding bottle, can look at his hand
while sitting back or lying down, and is able to accommodate to nearby objects. What would be
the age of the infant?- 4 months
The nurse works on a pediatric intensive care unit. Which infant is at high risk of developing
sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and needs to be closely monitored?- An infant whose
mother smokes
What is the most appropriate recommendation for relief of teething pain?- Give the child a cold
teething ring to relieve inflammation.
A parent of an 8-month-old infant expressed that the infant cannot walk even a few steps and is
unable to sit without support. The nurse gave a toy to the infant and found that the infant was
able to transfer the toy between hands. What should be the most appropriate response of the
nurse to the parent?- “At this age the babies do not walk; they may walk after a few months
The parent of a 4-month-old infant asks the primary health care provider about a substitution for
breast milk. What recommendation should the primary health care provider make?- Substituting
with iron-fortified formula
A 9-month-old infant is seen in the emergency department after exhibiting an urticaric rash with
a cough and wheezing. When collecting the history of events preceding the sudden onset of these
symptoms, the mother states that the parents have been “feeding the baby new foods.” Which
food is the most likely cause of this reaction in the infant?- Peanut Butter
The nurse is explaining the health problems of infants and children to a student nurse. The
student nurse is working with a parent who is upset because his or her child is diagnosed with a
dyssomnia. What should the student nurse look for in this child to understand about
dyssomnias?- Trouble in falling asleep at night
A nurse is providing education to a community group in preparation for a mission trip to a third
world country with limited access to protein-based food sources. Which condition should the
nurse assess for in the infants in this country?- Kwashiorkor
A mother expresses concern because her 6-month-old daughter has been drooling, sucking more
often on her fingers, and biting on objects. What are these behaviors most likely associated
with?- Teething



Children And Their Families (NURS 3548 ) Sample-Practice Exam 2019

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