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(CHS 345) With His Pistol In His Hand book

Sandra Watson
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With His Pistol in His Hand book review

  • UniversityCalifornia State University Dominguez Hills
  • CourseIdentity in the Americas (CHS 345)

Paredes, Américo. “With His Pistol in His Hand”: A Border Ballad and Its Hero. University of
Texas Press, 1958. ISBN-10: 0292701284.
In his hybrid book, “With His Pistol in His Hand,” which is part history, anthropology, folklore,
and ethnomusicology, author Américo Paredes recounts the story about the cultural clashes
between the North American and Texas Mexican people along the lower Rio Grande Border in
the early 1900s in South Texas. The argument of this book is set on how the Texas Mexican
people not only resisted but defended themselves from the cultural domination of the Anglo
Texan as a result of the westward expansion of the U.S. and it is manifested in the life and
legend of Gregorio Cortez. The text of this book is organized with chapters that have titles that
indicate what each chapter will be about, is a nontraditional novel, and has eight long chapter
along with a bibliography included. The author proves his argument by using many evidential
sources such as unpublished sources, phonograph records, interviews, newspapers, and court
documents to support his position. For the purposes of this book review the reader will exam in
more detail the evidence of cultural conflict, propaganda literature, and the political campaign
which was used in state of Texas in late 1800s and early 1900s to justify the North American



(CHS 345) With His Pistol in His Hand book

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