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Civil Engineering Here Is New Aci 318 - 19

Sandra Watson
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Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
Copyright by the American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, MI. All rights reserved. This material
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The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid
ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these documents. In spite of these efforts, the users of ACI
documents occasionally find information or requirements that may be subject to more than one
interpretation or may be incomplete or incorrect. Users who have suggestions for the improvement of
ACI documents are requested to contact ACI via the errata website at http://concrete.org/Publications/
DocumentErrata.aspx. Proper use of this document includes periodically checking for errata for the most
up-to-date revisions.
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regulations, including but not limited to, United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA) health and safety standards.
Participation by governmental representatives in the work of the American Concrete Institute and in
the development of Institute standards does not constitute governmental endorsement of ACI or the
standards that it develops.
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or reprint, and may be obtained by contacting ACI.
ACI codes, specifications, and practices are made available in the ACI Collection of Concrete Codes,
Specifications, and Practices. The online subscription to the ACI Collection is always updated, and
includes current and historical versions of ACI’s codes and specifications (in both inch-pound and SI
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The “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete” (“Code”) provides minimum requirements for the materials,
design, and detailing of structural concrete buildings and, where applicable, nonbuilding structures. This Code was developed
by an ANSI-approved consensus process and addresses structural systems, members, and connections, including cast-in-place,
precast, shotcrete, plain, nonprestressed, prestressed, and composite construction. Among the subjects covered are: design and
construction for strength, serviceability, and durability; load combinations, load factors, and strength reduction factors; structural analysis methods; deÀection limits; mechanical and adhesive anchoring to concrete; development and splicing of reinforcement; construction document information; ¿eld inspection and testing; and methods to evaluate the strength of existing
The Code was substantially reorganized and reformatted in 2014, and this Code continues and expands that same organizational philosophy. The principal objectives of the reorganization were to present all design and detailing requirements for
structural systems or for individual members in chapters devoted to those individual subjects, and to arrange the chapters in
a manner that generally follows the process and chronology of design and construction. Information and procedures that are
common to the design of multiple members are located in utility chapters. Additional enhancements implemented in this Code
to provide greater clarity and ease of use include the ¿rst use of color illustrations and the use of color to help the user navigate
the Code and quickly ¿nd the information they need. Special thanks to Bentley Systems, Incorporated, for use of their ProConcrete software to produce many of the ¿gures found in the Commentary.
Uses of the Code include adoption by reference in a general building code, and earlier editions have been widely used in
this manner. The Code is written in a format that allows such reference without change to its language. Therefore, background
details or suggestions for carrying out the requirements or intent of the Code provisions cannot be included within the Code
itself. The Commentary is provided for this purpose.
Some considerations of the committee in developing the Code are discussed in the Commentary, with emphasis given to
the explanation of new or revised provisions. Much of the research data referenced in preparing the Code is cited for the user
desiring to study individual questions in greater detail. Other documents that provide suggestions for carrying out the requirements of the Code are also cited.
Technical changes from ACI 318-14 to ACI 318-19 are outlined in the August 2019 issue of Concrete International and are
marked in the text of this Code with change bars in the margins.



Civil Engineering Here Is New Aci 318 - 19

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