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Clinical Intensive (NURS-476) Labor And Delivery Simulation Handout

John Marsh
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Labor and Delivery Simulation Handout

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Clinical Practicum 4: Clinical Intensive (NURS-476)

Full term pregnancy is defined as 39-40 weeks gestation
Preterm labor is defined as labor occurring before 37 weeks gestation
What is preeclampsia?
Preeclampsia is gestational hypertension and proteinuria or gestational hypertension and other
symptoms, such as thrombocytopenia, impaired liver function, or cerebral alterations. Mild
preeclampsia is elevated blood pressure of 140/90 or less, proteinuria, headache, and normal
labs. Severe preeclampsia is blood pressure of 160/100 or above, proteinuria, headache,
hyperreflexia, visual problems, epigastric pain, and abnormal labs.
List symptoms of preeclampsia:
● SUBJECTIVE SYMPTOMS: Subjective symptoms include headache, visual
changes, epigastric pain, malaise, nausea, and vomiting.
● OBJECTIVE SYMPTOMS: These are hypertension (blood pressure of 140/90 or
greater), proteinuria, and edema.



Clinical Intensive (NURS-476) Labor And Delivery Simulation Handout

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