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Clinical Nursing Practice 3 (NS2022:03) OSCE Script- Respiratory

John Marsh
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James Cook University

Clinical Nursing Practice 3 (NS2022:03)

OSCE script- Respiratory assessment

OSCE script- Respiratory
1. Hand hygiene
2. Introduce myself, identify correct person and inform what I’m doing- Hi
I’m _____, and I’m a student nurse, can you please give me your name
and DOB (check against ID tag) I’m just here to do a set of vitals on you,
have chat to you about your health history and do a respiratory
assessment on you, is that ok? Are you comfortable/do you need to go
to the toilet? Also are you experiencing shortness of breath right now?
3. Gather equipment for vitals, prepare patient for vitals elevating bed etc
4. Hand hygiene
5. Do vitals (are they in normal range? Their normal range?
6. Hand hygiene
7. Document vitals
8. Sit down- Ok I’m just going to have a chat with you now, and gather
some information about your health history ok?
– Name/DOB/allergies/NOK
– Ok so tell me what’s brought you in here today?
– When did it start? (O)
– (go next question off last question) (start resp assessment tool)
– If cough… dry or wet?
– What were you doing when SOB/coughing started? (P)
– Can you feel anything in your lungs while breathing i.e. wheezing (Q)
– How severe is it? Does it stop you from sleeping/exercising (S)
– Is it constant SOB/ cough or only SOBOE? (T)
– How does it affect your daily life? (V)
– Have you been sick just recently?
– Have you had this before?
– Is there anything that makes it better/worse?



Clinical Nursing Practice 3 (NS2022:03) OSCE Script- Respiratory

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