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CMST 130 Elements of Public Relations- Chapter 1

Sandra Watson
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Montclair State University

Public Relations Principles. (CMST 130)

Elements of Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 1: What is PR?
Key Points:
 Be familiar with the global scope of the PR industry
 Good definition of PR
 Understand that PR is a process, not an event
 Know the difference between PR, Journalism, Advertising, & Marketing
 Access the skills needed for a PR career & what salary to expect
A PR professional must have skills in:
 Written & interpersonal communication
 Media relations
 Social media
 Research negotiation
 Creativity
 Logistics
 Facilitation
 Problem-solving
 Strategic thinking
On The Job:
 Write press releases & prepare info for the media
 Identify main client groups & audiences as well as determine the best way to reach them
 Respond to request for info from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson for
information source
 Help clients communicate effectively with the public
 Develop and maintain their organization’s corporate image & identity, using logos and
 Draft speeches & arrange interviews for an organization’s top executives
 Evaluate advertising & promotion programs to determine whether they’re compatible
with the organization’s PR efforts



CMST 130 Elements of Public Relations- Chapter 1

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