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Complex Nursing Care Community Assessment Paper

John Marsh
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Community Assessment Paper

University of Windsor

Complex Nursing Care

Our patient Ms. Cassandra Peters is a 25-year-old who is expecting her first child, she
currently has limited family support and is in search of answers for her hyperemesis gravidarium.
Ms. Peter’s hyperemesis gravidarium is a complication due to her pregnancy, it is a complication
that tends to involve severe nausea, vomiting, and an imbalance of electrolytes [ CITATION
Ame16 \l 4105 ]. She currently resides in a house just off of the intersection at Baldoon road and
MacNaughton Road. (Appendix A, for the neighbourhood location). Our chosen community is
the more Northern area of Chatham, between the areas of McNaughton (East) and Oxley road
(North). This area has a high rate of couples and families with one young child (60% of homes
have children), this specific neighbourhood has a split of 64% of owners, and the last 36% is
renters [ CITATION Nex \l 4105 ]. During the walk through, it was clear that there were young
families, due to the toys on the front lawn and the buses going through on a Tuesday morning.
It is important for visiting nurses to do a community survey, to help understand the
population and growth in the community we are serving. Understanding our patient’s lifestyle
and desires help us to diagnose and treat our patients with the care that best suits them. We also
get to acknowledge the majority and minorities (sex, age, decent, and hobbies) that could cause
diseases, injuries, or conditions. Nurses can use this survey to benefit themselves and their care
towards their patients in new and adaptable ways such as; a patient struggling to lose the weight,
a nurse could describe or list off some walking trails in the near by community, or gyms. Small
community nurses help make care for patients a constant learning curve, and a way to better
connect and personalize each patient’s visit to the clinic/hospital!



Complex Nursing Care Community Assessment Paper

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