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Composition And Rhetoric (ENG17889GD) Rogerian Argument

Sandra Watson
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Student Rogerian Essay


Sheridan College

Zoya Kahn
Professor X
ENG 101
5 November 2019
Why Cell Phones Do Not Belong In The Classroom
Some college students think it is unfair for instructors to require them to turn off their cell phones
during class. Because they are accustomed to constant cell phone access, they don’t understand how such
a rule is justified. Granted, a strict, no-exceptions policy requiring that cell phones be turned off all over
campus is not fair, but neither is a policy that prevents instructors from imposing restrictions (“Official
NoticesP). Both students and instructors know that cell phone use—including texting—during class can
be disruptive.



Composition And Rhetoric (ENG17889GD) Rogerian Argument

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